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What Do We Do

Hearing Impairment :

May be he doesn't hear as other children do.
He needs:
1. E.N.T check up.
2. ENT refers to Audiologist.
3. Audiometry is done and the degree and type of hearing loss is detected.
4. Hearing aid is suggested by Audiologist.
5. Speech Therapy
6. Special Education.
7. Refer to normal school.

He may be educationally habilitated by lip reading, speech and language development and auditory training. A child with partial hearing can go to a normal school with our special speech and hearing help.

A child with partial hearing can go to a normal school with our special speech and hearing help.

Cerebral Palsy :

Our speech specialist is here to help the cerebral palsied child to improve his speech. He can get rid of his indistinct, slurry, laboured, husky guttural and nasalised speech by special speech therapy. Medical and surgical help can be arranged on special request.

Emotional Stressed Child :

Our psychologist takes care of the emotional stress of the patient and the parent. He helps them to establish a healthy and desirable parent-child relationship and refers to the speech and hearing specialist for special help if he needs it.

Mentally Retarded :

Speech defect is one of the major and common problems of a mentally retarded child. If he is slow and sloth in development then time should not be wasted. He urgently needs :

1. Neurological examinational and treatment
2. Physiotherapy
3. Paediatric Check-up
4. Speech Therapy
5. Special Education
6. Occupational Therapy

Stammering and Articulation Defects :

Does the child stammer or fail to articulate properly? If he does then we should be contacted without delay. Our speech specialist can cure him and can make him speak fluently. Our team of consultants includes educational and clinical philologists who can help him.

Slow Learners and Language Learning Difficulties :

A child may be all right in every way but may have difficulty in learning a language. Our speech specialist can give him a deeper understanding of words as a medium of communication, thinking, reasoning, and just for the pleasure of learning a language. After all, language is an integral part of thought and personality. Our speech specialist is ready to help in every way possible.