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Rohan Mondal (15) a student of Speech & Hearing Institute & Research Centre toiled with an old KODAK KB10 camera to shoot his fellow companion Saima Khatun(15) while she was painting on a given canvas. Awestruck and bewildered, Speech & Hearing Institute & Research Centre decides to train them in photographic and various other skills to lead them towards the journey of Self-reliance and sustainability. Kounteya Sinha, a prolific Photographer and a globetrotter often uses his lense as a weapon towards social transformation. Through Kounteya's eyes, these children are exceptionally talented despite of being Auditorily Challenged. It's his belief that if train them in photography & various other lucrative skills, socially & economically they shall rise and contribute more towards social transformation.

Speech & Hearing Institute & Research Centre & Kounteya Sinha collaborates to implement a Project called "CANVAS" that shall ensure proper training of 10-15 specially abled children, which shall, later on, be exhibited in proper platforms. Kounteya,the social photographer as we like to call him says "I believe in socially and morally transforming others so that a single ripple can create a human revolution in the long run" kudos to such brilliance.