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Certificate Course

One-month certificate course offered by SHIRC consists of three parts, The first part which is the foundation helps and guides the trainees to interact and understand the functioning and basic daily activities of the speech & hearing disabled. The teachers and the recourse persons shall supply modules for one to one interaction with the special children at SHIRC. The second part which is the inter shall consists of modules on audiology, speech therapy, psychometric and education. This part enhances the knowledge of the trainees about the motor inabilities of the speech & hearing children. In this part, the trainees are sent to various others special school to gain knowledge in teaching and curriculum by the applied help of the subject taught. The third part, which is the conclusion, shall provide the trainees with a proper classroom set up where they can apply the modules to learn and gain expertise in teaching abilities.

Course Duration - 1 Month

Course Fees - Rs. 5000.00