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Late A. C. Sen & Late Mrs. Sen drafted the constitution & objectives of SHIRC 2 Deaf & MR children from slum in Ritchi Road needed intervention. They were children of a sweeper & a Rickshaw Walla. Both originally from Bihar villages, much below the poverty line were brought to be seen by Rekha Roy. Practicing, Audiologist & Speech Language Pathologist attached to S.S.K.M Hospital. A big ray of hope! She drew the draft of a pre-school class for children with speech & hearing impaired. Late A. C. Sen & M. Sen pioneer in the specialty at Mohispota in their own village home, which is donated to SHIRC by their Sons "Sens' Memorial". The dream actualized in SHIRC, Kolkata in 1978 at 1B, Ritchi Road at her rented small apartment. This is the period when the scenario was different in developing countries. Few sporadic efforts at NGO level in India as schools for the deaf recorded and the deaf addressed as dumb.


Good results of specialized training spread & soon 3 more children were added. Met Dipak D'Costa at the gate of St. Lawrence through Soumya. He saw my humble attempts. He was impressed.


14 more children joined by then & Dipak joined me at work as a Christian Missionary. His joining strengthened the activities. Volunteers of class II - IV lead by Shiladitya at Don Bosco, got us uniform & stationary. Father Pullickal helped us in some funding & Dipak. I had contacted Dr. M. Sen, Dr. R. N. Mitra, Dr. M. Sengupta, Mr. B. Sen, Advocate S. S. Kar, Dr. Amitava Roy, Dr. S. K. Banerjee, Himadri Roy, Dr. Anjali Mukherjee, Plastic Surgeon, Prof. Eken Ghosh & Society was formed & got registered under Society's act under the President-ship of Dr. M. B. Sen.


The Teachers passed out Students from Alokendu Bodh Niketan joined SHIRC. Untrained graduate house wives enthused by SHIRC's work joined as teachers attended training of teaching the in modern lines by British Council with faculty from Manchester University, Dr. Woolman & Con Powel. SHIRC always conducted manpower development through orientation, refreshers, continued education programes by inviting renowned, personalities contact from UK & USA.

The GB started meetings to discuss the relevant issues. Dr Maya Mukherjee & Mr. B.K. Chandra joined, adding an aura.

More children came & quite a few had associated problems. Mr. S. K. Kar, Psychologist joined as Volunteer & helped with them. More DMR students from Alakendu Bodh Niketan joined SHIRC. We never had shortage of teacher volunteers who could always updated themselves.

2nd Short term training of teachers of HI was conducted by British Council by Common Wealth Society. Dr. Woolman & Ivon Tuckker.


1st Bengali awareness building brochure "SHISHU KENO KHATA BALE NAA" By Rekha Roy Ashima Sengupta, Gita Sanyal joined as graduate house wives. Prabir Roy } Kartik.Mondal } Trained as teacher of MR Veena Aggarwal. }


Shifted to Little Flower Convent during morning hrs. & IED started from here.

Short Training Course by common Wealth Society at British Council for the 3rd shot term training.


Finance, the major concern. With increase in the number of students at SHIRC, their care and maintenance - required finances, And to cater to the needs of these children, SHIRC needed better equipments, furniture, stationary and above all the space & Honorarium for teachers.

SHIRC continued to support these children and participated in different programmes.

One such programmes was the impact India programme. SHIRC participated and provided full-hearted support. This programme as it was follow up of the 1981 census study by NSSO. SHIRC shifted to 7B, Kankulia Road at the rented place.

SHIRC was recognized by State, Directorate of Technical Education. Sen Director visited SHIRC.

The Founder Director Rekha Roy was invited at Bangladesh for out reach the service training.

SHIRC received hearing aid, ear mould laboratory equipment, hearing aid repair kits etc. from Lutheran World Service (D'costa Contact), OXFAM - India (H. Roy Contact), Computer Maintenance Company - (R. Roy's Contact).


Academic Recognition from Education Department, Govt. of West Bengal Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act allotment of Registration Number.

Govt. of India token Grant in aid Received from Govt. of India (Dept. of Social Welfare) Rs.29000/-. Technical annual journal brought out.

Attended short training course by Irvin Lowe & Prem Victor.

Shyamal Bhattacharjee & Apurba Sengupta joined as Accountant & as Cashier.

Estd. Regional Diagnostic Centre


Regional Diagnostic Centre lowering the catmint age, early fitment, PIP, Day Care by Multi disciplinary team. Dr. Manas Guha, MS Joined & Co-ordinated the clinical activities. D'costa & Dr. M.C. Roy continued reaching the un-reached thru awareness programme by slide show. Sen's Memorial, Dhwani functioned full-fledged including IED & Home visits. Sri Shambhu Ghosh was trained in Ear-mould making & hearing aid repair to work as EMT. Dr. B. Sarbadhikari joined as Pediatrician.


More calibration equipment added. Large numbers of awareness camp in rural & difficult to reach areas were conducted. The founder Director R. Roy invited to Hong Kong Conference.


SHIRC started its Dhwani Rural Center at Agarpara. Founder Director R. Roy left as Director, NIHH under Govt. of India & remained attached to SHIRC. Prof. E.N. Ghosh took over as secretary. A.N. Sen as Jt. Secretary.


Donation of landed property for Sen's Memorial by his sons to SHIRC. SHIRC & Its Rural Centre participated in cultural programme & exhibition cum sale of products at Delhi.


Coloured English Brochure was prepared, started selling greetings cards by printing selected cards. Cultural programme at B'bay at SHIRC.

SHRUTI - the project is an extension of Sen's Clinic, taken up well handsome funding and guidance and training of CBR in big way by ActionAid under Dr. M.B. Sen. The activities of SHRUTI included survey, contact involvement of the community, Panchyate, local schools of ordinary children for education, vocational education towards self employment etc. The basis of SHRUTI lied in its approach - the CBR approach - by the community for the community, in the community.

A module has been developed - gained during the SHRUTI project, which is being replicated in other rural centre of SHIRC. As a result of SHRUTI 10 satellite centres have come up - the major contribution as learning experience coming from the community, SHRUTI started working for the all disability - hearing handicapped, visual handicapped, Orthopaedically handicapped, mentally handicapped and multiple disability under the same roof. Professional students from National Institutes were recruited and overseas Universities are attached for practical training every year.

SHIRC family has now grown into Dhwani , Sen's Clinic, SHRUTI, Nivedita at Howrah and VANI at Bolpur initiated on 14th November, 1997 - reaching training and services to over 500 children and over 100 adult per month excluding the cases seen at Camps. The centers cannot be discussed in isolation but have to be considered as various activities towards one single goal of improving the life of the disabled with special reference to the Speech and Hearing in depth.


CIT land at 1/F, Golf Club Road get registered. Out reach & extension of services & training in collaboration with NIHH took our tool quite high.


("Paribar-O-Prabahaman Siksha") conceived as part of action research on training of parents within a syllabus content consecutively for 5 years.


ActionAid Project Supported CBR at SHRUTI under ten years time bound composite rehabilitation at Sens' Memorial Venue.


SHIRC Started SHRUTI CBR Project fully funded by ActionAid at 11 Moujas & 10 Rural Centres. SHIRC got the Computer & DEO for administrative work.


SHIRC Published SHRUTI SAHAIKA by Mrs. Rekha Roy in Bengali for the Parents of HI children.


("Parivar -O- Prabahaman Siksha") - Drafted by Rekha Roy & N.C. Sen.


RCI membership awarded to SHIRC and SHIRC trained 4 batches of Bridge Courses for teachers of the Deaf and one of Vocational Instructor.


SHIRC declared as a 'State Level Resource Organisation - HI (SLRO-HI) under District Primary Education Programme (DPEP)' Now (Sarba Siksha Aviyan).


SHIRC declared as a State Open School Study Centre under Rabindra Mukta Vidyalaya. Integration tool place at Secondary level with in SHIRC with SOS.


NCED - 2000 (National Convention of Educators of the Deaf) in collaboration with Paschimbanga Rajya Pratibandhi Sammilani (PRPS) SHIRC Started NIHH Collaborated Pre-School Programme & Vocational Training Programme on Clay Modeling.


SHIRC declared as State Resource Centre(HI) by Govt. of West Bengal, Social Welfare Department, Parivar -O- Prabahaman Siksha implemented in 5 batches of parents of young HI 10 parents per batch - 2 Batch per year now. The manuscripts by R. Roy & N.C. Sen is ready for printing.

Affiliation of RCI for DTY-HI Teachers Training College at Sens Memorial after inspection.

English is introduced at SHIRC from Class - I.


DTY-HI Training College with 10 Graduates.


Now we have various awards, workshops in Sports & Game, Sit & Draw, and Cultural performed by students of SHIRC. Ruby Trust supported our sports meets.

SENs got the 1st floor constructed for the teachers training college.


Workshop visits of Mrs. R. Roy at US presentations, fund raising campaign.


SHIRC launched Web Site www.shirc.org by Dr. Dilip K. Som To our credit we may mention that SHIRC has develop this year (2004-2005) a website: www.shirc.org initiative taken Overseas Support groups initiated by Dr. Subir Sen assistance of Mrs. Rita Sen, Shiladitya Roy, Mr. Balaraju.

Rekha Roy got a prestigious collaborated research project with CID Washington Univ. without financial support.

Job prospects by Mr. Ashoke Roy GB. Member opened up for Deaf Young.

Celebration of belated Silver Jubilee year with two guests Dr. Subir Sen initiator of support group. Thanks to 7 members of support group for financial support to SHIRC . Mr. Balaraju speaker of Silver Jubilee year is organized on 17.12.05 by the financial support of GB, Staff, Parents & the travel cost bored by both guests themselves. SHIRC come our with small silver token of SHIRC emblem on this occasion...

THE YEAR 2007 -2009

DTDY-HI 100% employed of 2007 - 2008. The result of 2008-2009 is out (5-1st Class, 9-2nd Class, 3 Failed). New Admissions are over the classes are on. I am invited to revise the syllabus with the Expert Com.

The guard wall of the pond & walling-up the back side of the Land is being discussed at our rural centre just completed the legal issues.

Joint construction project is also being discussed for Kolkata, site.

Higher Secondary affiliation received from Open Education Scheme, for the HI.

SHIRC is included in National Consultation on "Disability & Livelihood" organized by Rajasthan Govt. in collaboration with UNDP at Jaipore.

We have lost Sens, R.N. Mitra, Dr, Murli Mohan Mukherjee, A.K. Dev, Dr. Amitava Roy, A.N. Sen, and Dr. Biplab Dasgupta. Of GB, Pranabesh Sen, Journalist, Robi Chakraborty, Pratima Aich, Anil Mitra, P.R. Sen, Tarun Mandal.

Dr. Subir Sen & Mr. Balaraju Chilthala visit SHIRC & Rural centres during the Silver Jubilee year celebration on in Dec. 2005. SHIRC brought out silver coin with SHIRCs logo on it to commemorate the year.

A meeting of parents, teachers and GB were held with guest representing the support group at US.

A meeting of proposed construction at 1F, Golf Club Road was oganised between Dr. S. Sen, Founder & Secretary R. Roy, Mr. B.K. Chandra, The architect Mr. K. Ghosh & Mr. Goswami to come up with the status of venue of SHIRC.