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Course on Occupational Therapy

starting from March, 2018

Course Curriculum

1. Understanding sensory processing.
  • Awareness of the sensory systems.
  • Sensory organs.
  • What is hypersensitivity vs hyposensitivity.

  • 2. Impact of sensory processing difficulties on behavior.

    3. Where to draw the line : sensory or behaviour.

    4. Demonstration of sensory diet on children (if possible or video presentation).


    The participants will be given practical exposure of all the theoretical inputs as assessment session. Once the sensory program is finalised ,the participants will be taught implementation of the plan.

    This module is primarily for implementation of program under the autism spectrum disorder, ADHD and learning difficulties. Important to note that the participants will be in a position to implement a sensory program which has been designed by a qualified occupational therapist. THIS DOES NOT GIVE THE ABILITY TO DESIGN OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY PROGRAMMES.